• Trendelier

    “When the AdNgin team started to optimize my ad layouts I was skeptical because my ad revenue remained unchanged for a while. Within 5 weeks they were able to use their testing platform to increase my AdSense RPM by 217%. AdNgin completely blew me away.”

    Simon Tetroashvili, Owner, Trendelier.com
  • “Adngin’s simple AdSense optimisation solution and knowledgeable team really delivered. I saw results immediately and continue to do so: revenue has increased by 18% and click-through rates by 69%. If you’re not using AdNgin, start today!”

    Loic Forget, Digital Director, L’express
  • “I ran AdNgin on my Adsense account and got immediate results. Within a few weeks they produced 146% lift on my RPM and I still see results today.”

    Eran Katz, Head of Monetization, Too Cool 2 be True
  • Idan Shem Tov

    “Using AdNgin’s testing platform I was able to improve my RPM by 22% and CTR by 17% while also improving bounce rate.”

    Idan Shem-Tov, Co-founder, Carz
  • “Using AdNgin I was able to create tests that increased my AdSense earnings by 20%.”

    Guillermo Carone, Founder, WikiArquitectura

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multi-Arm Bandit Testing and Why is it the Best Solution for Testing Ads?

Similarly to A/B testing, Multi-arm bandit testing compares different versions to find the best performing one. However, bandit tests do this much quicker than A/B tests. When testing your main source of revenue this can be dramatic and demonstrate short and long term increased revenue. AdNgin’s bandit algorithm not only produces a winning version quickly end effectively, it also directs traffic to the winning version automatically and continuously.

Are you Google AdSense T&C compliant?

Connecting AdNgin to your Google AdSense account will not negatively affect your Google AdSense account. AdNgin is a powerful technological solution. However, as such, the responsibility of staying within Google AdSense terms and conditions is up to the user. In other words, staying within Google AdSense’s terms and conditions is up to you and how you decide to use AdNgin.

Do you support all Google AdSense ad unit types?

Yes. AdNgin supports all AdSense ad units.

Who are your typical users?

Our typical users are website owners with anywhere between 1,000 daily pageviews to 200,000 daily pageviews. We have users from around the globe and we support websites in various languages. Currently, all our users monetize through Google AdSense or Google Ad Exchange. We do not accept YouTube channels for AdSense optimization.

Can I exclude certain pages?

Yes. you can choose to include or exclude at the page level. This is a feature not currently available for regular AdSense users but is possible when you optimize your AdSense through AdNgin.

Can I run ads from other ad networks on my page?

Yes. You can run ads from other networks on their page. Only your AdSense ads will run through AdNgin and your other advertisements will go uninterrupted.

Can I choose the amount of traffic I want to test?

Yes. You can easily choose how much of your traffic you want to expose to your bandit tests and how much of your traffic receives your regular ads.

Can I target a specific page?

Yes. AdNgin allows you to bandit test ad units for a single page or multiple pages.

Can I only target mobile ads?

Yes. Mobile only optimization is possible. You can target your mobile traffic or choose to exclude your mobile traffic.

How do I hear about updates from AdNgin?