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Top 10 Video Monetization Platforms – It’s Not Only YouTube

This is not another list of video monetization platforms because at AdNgin we have the publishers’ concerns in mind. We know that monetizing videos is one of those concerns. But a constant supply of quality video content is even more difficult. That’s why we included a few video monetization platforms that also provide contextualized content.

YouTube is the biggest but definitely not the only video monetization platform out there. The fact is: as a video publisher or aggregator you have some excellent choices.

The YouTube Trap

It’s easy for publishers to fall into the trap. We start thinking of video monetization in YouTube terms. The ads preroll at the start of your videos, and then gets out of the way for your content. But online video growth isn’t slowing down – and it won’t. Video publishers now get the benefit of new monetization platforms and strategies. Online video has started out by mirroring traditional TV models.

There are sponsored content, merchandise, content licensing, and even PPV (pay per view) platforms!  But technological innovations mean that it’s hard to know what to expect in the future. For instance, what kind of effect will the Internet of Things have on video ads? Will we see personalized video ads that can identify us by DNA? This audience shift and monetization convergence isn’t going to stop so if you want to stay ahead of the monetization curve and make some extra revenue on the way check out these top 10 video monetization platforms you can start using today.

So what are the top 10 video monetization platforms for you to choose from?

  1. Brightcove
  2. Wochit
  3. Liverail
  4. Kaltura
  5. Facebook
  6. Youtube
  7. DailyMotion
  8. AdNgin Video Widget
  9. Matomy
  10. AdSense for Video

#1 Brightcove

brightcove logo



Brightcove is a platform designed with online marketing strategy at is core. Publishing with its Video Marketing Suite works great for lead generation. It lets you drive traffic back to your site to get the conversions. It even accounts for SEO factors and social media sharing. It has built in analytics to report the activity your videos generate. Live streaming is also supported.

#2 Wochit

wochit logo



Wochit is a pretty cool platform. It allows publishers to be video creators by using the Wochit video library. You can combine various videos snippets into one storyboard and use your own voiceover to make it your own. It makes the whole process of video creation quick and very affordable. They will also provide publishers with video content contextualized to match their own website’s niche.

#3 Liverail

liverail logo




Liverail got Mark Zuckerberg’s attention to the tune of up to $500 million. Facebook acquired them in 2014. That comes with the huge benefit of direct access to Facebook data. The result is “people-based targeting”. That’s why advertisers love it. Publishers love it because it can manage and optimize mobile and desktop demand sources, including direct advertiser relationships and third-party demand sources, all in one place.

#4 Kaltura

kaltura logo



Kaltura provides something similar to a YouTube channel on your home turf. However, since it is your home-turf, you have more control over how you want to monetize your content. They offer their “Out of the Box Video Portal”. It has some advanced integration options with other CMS platforms like WordPress. It also supports video overlays, calls to action, and email registration forms. This all helps with lead generation.

#5 Facebook

facebook logo




Facebook offers video creators 55% of ad revenue in their pilot program. As of July 2015, they were working with selected partners in the program. Yet, to attract more video publishers to the network, this program will have to expand. When this happens, it gives video publishers a monetization platform with generous revenue sharing. Not to mention billions of precisely targeted eyeballs to get in front of. Lookout YouTube?

#6 YouTube

youtube logo




YouTube did over $4 Billion in ad revenue in 2014. We’d like to zero in on the competitors… but the list wouldn’t be complete without the platform taking its rightful place here.  Facebook is emerging as a major competitor to youTube’s video monetization platform… but don’t predict its demise just yet, YouTube is already a well established monetization platform but when you’re owned by Google you can be sure they’re taking it easy.

#7 Dailymotion

dailymotion logo




Let’s just call Dailymotion France’s answer to YouTube. Afterall, it is straight outta Paris, and one of the leading video platforms in the world. Their monetization platform has a similar feature set to Brightcove. But it pairs much better with a glass of red, and you may get attract snooty premium advertisers by speaking with a French accent!

#8 AdNgin Video Widget

Ok, so Adngin has a great option for you. As a part of our service, we offer an advanced video widget. AdNgin has partnered with WochIt to provide Google AdSense publishers with video content that matches their website’s site. That includes page by page contextual matching. How does this work? It’s actually very simple. with the same ease of use and efficiency that you can create multiple AdSense setups you can now add engaging new video content to your website. the videos are produced on daily basis and can be filtered by a topic and/or specific keyword, just point and click your way to more engaged users.

AdNgin Video Monetization Through AdSense

#9 Matomy

matomy logo



Matomy’s video network has a two sided approach that is similar to WochIt. They can provide video ads to run with your content or they can provide the video content itself. They work with leading International brands across all verticals. Their team works with you to create a customized plan for your site. The goal is to maximize engagement – and ad revenue.

#10 AdSense for Video

google adsense video




They say one of the best ways to attract people to you is to play hard to get. AdSense for Video is a program that lets you monetize video on your own platform (outside of YouTube). But you still run AdSense ads and share revenue. They have a signup form for you to apply. Beware. They require your videos to have more than 2 million impressions on a monthly basis. If you are achieving that level of views, congratulations! If you’re not there yet, consider it a great goal.



total apps



This cool little tool was actually brought to our attention after this post went live. But, far be it from us to exclude a nifty solution from this list. Total-Apps provides a “donation” overlay with a call-to-action for viewers, and the videos can be uploaded with the overlay to facebook. This could be a great solution for fundraisers who are looking for a new way to raise funds.

What is your video monetization strategy?

YouTube controls the most eyeballs for now and is easy to get started. By the time you get to this spot, you’ll know that there are a bunch of different platforms. Each of them has their own unique strengths – and sometimes frustrating exclusivity.

Brightcove, Liverail, and Kaltura all give you more powerful publishing capabilities. They work on your own site. But you may find our AdNgin video module to be one of the most dynamic for you. It’s best equipped for discovering the right video and ad content mix. That will get good results for your traffic and impressions level. 

For now, I guess we’re going to go watch some Meok Bang live streams… while eating a measly peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s not the type of Le Cordon Bleu appetizers they must serve at Dailymotion… but, hey, it still goes great with a cold glass of milk.

Before you go, tell us which video monetization platform you’re currently using.
Which of our top 10 have you experimented with?

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  • Robin Rue

    I don’t make videos for my site, but if I start, I will check out some of these platforms.

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  • Interesting and great list ..I thought of only You Tube now I am inform there are many more thanks for sharing.

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    Youtube is what crosses my mind when I think about online videos. I will have too look in to the top three for myself.

  • Claudette

    I just started doing some videos but not for the monetization – just to mix things up a bit on my page. If ever I wanted to go this route, yours would be a great resource.

    • Good luck Claudette. Videos are the future.

  • Great list. Thank you so much for sharing! I needed a new list. Amber N

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  • Hey Eyal,
    Yes, there are other video monetization platforms aside from YouTube. Accessing and assessing what each of these platforms offers can help the video marketer generate leads and increase conversions with viewers.

    From the short review of each of these platforms, it becomes necessary we should never ignore the niche base they singularly provide.

    Just curious, why is Vimeo not in this list?
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  • Cool! The point is are we legally allowed to put the same videos on youtube and other platforms listed – or do i need to edit and change the content – at least marginally?

    • That all depends on whether or not you own the content. If you won it you can display your content wherever you choose, certain platforms have limitations. Bu publishing on YouTube you are not giving YouTube the rights to your content.

  • The_Architect1968

    just had a look and it does not look like this site you are blogging from has its own video hosting options, has it changed since you wrote this write up? everything I have been seeing is so out of date that sites that are dead or now charge to host videos monthly (one is charging 199 dollars a month to host like 50 videos, crazy) or they dont allow monetizing, or are just plain dead. and I cant seem to find anything even from late 2016, let alone 2017,

    if anyone has a link to something more relevant I am all ears, and eyes,

    what am I looking for? something that I can upload content to, and get these options

    earning in 3 ways, PPV, ad revenue, or PPS (pay per subscription so full access for a limited time like monthly)
    engagement right on the site, youtube does this by allowing comments, the only place similar I have found is dailymotion and it has no comment section, nor does it offer the comment section,

    thanks to anyone taking the time to read my mess of text and even more thanks for anyone that can point me in the right direction, as I want as many options as possible thanks to issues with google and the current events youtube is having occur with advertisers dropping them and them getting crazy with restrictions,

    I did check out matonamy and will dig deeper as I get my account set up to look into what they actually offer.

  • Steven Charles

    i’ve just purchased a video hosting program but it came without any type of monitization so i’m looking for a module that I can upload to it for advertisers wanting to pay for advertising banner space on my site.

  • Ashish Gupta

    Not all platforms mentioned here gives you money rather they are charging money for using their services, So how they are similar to YouTube?

  • Akshita Singh

    Contus Vplay is also one of the best enterprise video solution provider that helps video publisher to manage, distribute and monetize their video contents across all devices with high end security. It offers various monetization strategies including SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, Pay per view and etc to make your video work and earn profit.

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    Great article on how to find other locations to upload videos and get noticed online! Thanks a billion billion! I’m going to try each and every one of these video platforms! For some reason I don’t believe YouTube really helps build new channels accurately. I’m looking forward to finding a audience that’s right for me. @UnderTimeMoney

  • Olivia Drinkwine

    And dis to recent changes with YouTube aka the fact starting in February you have to have 1,000 subs and 4,000 hours of watch time for your videos to be come monetized so if your a small or new creator don’t go to YouTube as its a trap or at least don’t make that your only upload site

    • Hades Tatsu

      I really hate to disillusion you, by just a touch; YouTube stopped being behind smaller channels or channels just starting out since 2012. Then again, I wish people would shut the hell up when it comes to problems about YouTube as their complaining makes it worse for everyone else. How do you think we have had the Adopocolypse’s, the Content ID Matchs, the Shadow banning of videos, etc-etc-etc.
      YouTube was bought out by Google, who only cares about you if you are bringing them money. Now with everyone whining and moaning about Jake Paul, which just as I predicted ….. the smaller, and just starting out channels are going to suffer.
      Do you think those bigger channels whom are not effected will be in our corner? They will some how save the day? good luck with that,

    • Samuel Sitar

      that’s another way of saying that youtube is playing poor.