What We Do

Every day, AdNgin propels publishers to improve
their monetization tactics and grow their bottom line.
AdNgin displays over 10 million daily impressions for
large and small AdSense publishers. Our platform has
a proven success rate of increasing RPMs by over 35%
on while reducing bounce rates by 17% on average.

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Our Story

Founded in 2014 in the hub of Israel’s vibrant startup culture of Tel Aviv.
Our co-founders combine extensive managerial and technological experience in
the AdTech industry. Their experience has led them to observe that online readers
are not satisfied with their experience and that, as result, publishers are seeing
decreased advertising revenue. They recognize that a clear need for a technological
solution exists. A solution that would improve user experience, increase advertising
revenue, while also being easy to use and accessible over the web.

With this vision in mind they created AdNgin. Today, AdNgin has seen rapid growth
and is used daily by publishers from around the world serving millions of daily
impressions to online users.

Our Values

Monetization vs. User Experience.
For many, the two will exist in contradiction.
At AdNgin, we strive to help publishers find the
balance between a profitable website and an
excellent user experience.

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